Seaside Muffler & Off Road

Where to begin...My wife Danielle and I found our passion in trucks and cars at a young age it became more than a dream, it was an Obsession. Many people couldn't understand why we did what we did when it came to building our vehicles. We always wanted more, we always wanted to have the newest thing and stand out above everyone else. Many times we have lost money, gained money or broke even but none of that mattered to us. When we saw our creation and visions driving down the road and to see heads turning our direction that right there was what drove us to want to do more!! In 15 years we have built 43 personal Trucks, SUV, Cars. A Wise man said “Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Right” we stand by this everyday it's not only how we feel about our shop but how we feel about life. 

A little history on the building In the mid 1950's 12th Avenue Ridgefield was owned by Harry Wing (father) & Richard Wing (son) this was my Great Grandpa & Grandfather. Its amazing almost 60 years later I am doing business in the same building. We even found old receipts above the office with his signature. Who would guess after all the years this building has been standing my great grandfathers receipts and signatures still exist!!  

Guy Williams purchased Seaside Muffler & Radiator in 1989 and has been know for 22 years of his excellent services, quality of work, & 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Guy did all of my exhaust work. We had him do some pretty crazy things but he always did it knowing that we had reasons behind it! Guy approached us in 2009 he sat my wife & I down and said whatever it takes, hes seen my visions and our drive and knew this was meant to be for us. Purchasing this business, at 25 years old was not an easy task, not many people at our age has ever dreamed of even owning a business let alone making it happen. Honored to step into Guy's shoes, he built an amazing reputation and allowed us to continue in his footsteps. In 2011 Seaside Muffler & Off Road was created.

Seaside Muffler & Off Road began as the result of friends & family who were aware of my background insisting on me building up their trucks. This inadvertently became a full time job as word of mouth spread. We pride ourselves on staying on top of all the latest trends and components in order to offer our customers the best possible service and product knowledge. We will continue the same quality of work & 100% customer satisfaction guarantee as Mr. Williams had. Our customers are #1 for any comments or concerns please contact Tim or Danielle for more details we will respond with in 24 hours to any email or messages left.

We built our first truck for SEMA in 2013, a 2012 Ford F350 we had AMAZING sponsors and we were featured in several different magazines like Diesel Army, DUB Lifted and Lvld, Truckin and 8Lug. As we approached 2014 we decided to do it all over again and building again for SEMA 2014 with along some of the same amazing sponsors and adding new ones to the mix. Were just a husband and wife team doing this, we put in a lot of time, sweat and tears in everything we do. We have two amazing kids who we love so much and they're here everyday working along beside us. We hope that in the end we teach them that hard work and dedication will get you where you want to be in life! Were not perfect but we try and give everyone who steps in our doors our fullest attention and knowledge to make there experience with us memorable. 

I have always strive to build a custom, clean, one of a kind vehicle in every aspect. Every year I have customized my personal vehicles to the point that I get bored, I end up selling the truck and build another. Over the years I have expanded my knowledge in Diesel Mechanics & Performance, I have since built many custom diesel powered pickups. We hope you enjoy our website and visit us frequently. We will be continually updating this site and will strive to make this an informative resource. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us. Thanks
I would also like to thank God, Family, Friends,Craft3 & Guy Williams for making all of this possible for us at Seaside Muffler & Off Road, Inc.

Tim & Danielle Wing
Seaside Muffler & Off Road, Inc.