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We are proud to release our Stage I VGT for the 6.7 Powerstroke.

After extensive testing, we designed the wheel we wanted and start with a brand new factory 2015 Turbocharger every time!

We modify the turbocharger by adding our Billet 7 Blade Compressor Wheel, Balancing the entire assembly, and machining out the silencer ring in the compressor cover.

Each turbocharger will be sold as a brand new unit, every time, no exceptions.

Any cores we receive go back to Ford.

Extensive testing proved that most trucks will not require a larger turbine on stock fuel situations.

The factory turbine wheel has been found to be exceptionally efficient at being responsive while keeping back pressure to a minimal.

Were you to add fueling upgrades, we would recommend considering a wastegate kit to alleviate excess drive pressure.

The 2015 style turbocharger does not face the excessive failure rate of the first generation 6.7 units, with stronger internals GT37 Frame VS GT32 Frame, it can be super responsive, and support much higher power levels while still being more reliable.

You can choose to add a 4" Downpipe to increase spool up, reduce EGTS, and increase power as well as our Stainless Y Bridge Assembly (COMING VERY SOON).

2003-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel