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Volant PowerCore Cool Air Intake Kit 6.7L

Part Number: VOL168676

  • Filter Housing Type:Full Enclosure w/Sealed Lid
  • Filter Type: Dry Filter
  • Inlet Tube: Vehicle Specific Air Ducts
  • Filter Housing Material: X-Link Polyethyline
  • Filter Housing Finish: Black
  • Intake Tube Material: X-Link Polyethyline
  • Intake Tube Finish: Black
  • State Legal: 49 State
  • Replacement Filter Part Number: VOL61517
  • Air Inlet Type:Fresh
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • 15-35 Additional HP
  • Torque Gains 25-60ft lbs
  • Improves Air Flow By 75%

Cool air is denser air and a denser air charge yields more power, it's that simple! Volant's PowerCore Cool Air Intakes combine the smooth flowing efficency that their Cool Air Intakes are known for and kick it up a notch by throwing in their innovative PowerCore filter. The PowerCore filter takes air filtration to the next level using hundreds of staggered flutes that stop dirt in it's tracks but still allow maximum airflow to reach your engine. The combination of both the Volant Cool Air Intake and the PowerCore filter is truly a team of of epic proportions and noone could fault you for joining their team.

2003-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel